A part of the sneaker history in Portugal, it was time for Sneakers Delight to reinvent itself.

“Everything is temporary”.

Determined to be a trendsetter, we aim to create a unique user experience that’ll elevate the fashion culture, not only in Portugal, but worldwide.

Focused to have a well curated selection, we now are more than just sneakers. We want to be a statement, having a full range of products from sneakers, apparel, toys, books and tech to design objects.

Ranging from avid collectors, to casual buyers, Sneakers Delight carries items hard to come by in an ever growing market but staying true to the forever sneakers classics, such as Nike Air Force 1’s, Nike Air Max 1’s, adidas Stan Smith, adidas Superstar, Puma Suedes, New Balance, Converse All Star, amongst many others, the new and forthcoming fashion brands that are set to create a new era on the fashion industry and the always classic brands that already keep on pushing boundaries.

Stay tuned.